Sunday, December 12, 2010

Simple Christmas Delights

Teach us to delight in simple things.
- Rudyard Kipling

Today is such a day for simple things. Snow has been falling slowly and gently all day. Blessed I am among women that I was able to stay home for most of the day, out just long enough to appreciate being in.

Derrick had two of his friends over for much of the afternoon. Love the laughter and energy teenage boys bring into the home. While they play video games I make pizza for them. They totally wipe out the gingersnaps I made yesterday afternoon, so I make a batch of cherry oatmeal cookies to take their place. Christmas music weaves in and out of the sound of the boys talking and laughing, along with their games. My time is spent between the kitchen and dining room where I have Christmas projects spread out over the table. It's a mess, but the kind of mess that brings me happiness. A productive mess.

How amazing it is to think of this as Derrick's possible last year spent with me during the Advent season. I don't want to think of everything "as the last time," but it is difficult not to. I don't know where he'll end up this time next year so knowing that makes this Christmas season seem all the more special. I remember the first Christmas he was here. Living in temporary housing while our new home was being built, all the Christmas ornaments packed away in storage. It was impossible to think of not having a tree for his first Christmas. As if he would even know! I don't even have pictures of it anymore. But that Christmas is engrained in my memory so clearly. We got a tree with long needles, a full, round tree. I bought an abundance of candy canes and red velvet bows to hang on the tree, along with white lights. Simply delightful. Derrick would lay on his floor quilt in front of the tree and wave his hands and legs as if hoping to take off in flight to the top of the tree. Next year he really will take off in flight, onto the next phase of his life.

Today's events will join other memories without photos (camera left in the desk drawer at school) for me. How is it that some of those memories are more visual than those with the actual pictures?

Derrick's happy because his school has already posted a two hour delay for morning. Another simple happiness.