Sunday, January 17, 2016

Chili Cook-Off

Wish I had time for just one more bowl of chili.
~Last words of Kit Carson, 
American frontiersman (1809-1868)

Chili Cook-off at church on Sunday for the monthly fellowship meal. 
So . . . T and I are both making a pot of chili. 

I’m using a tried and true recipe. I found it at this link a couple of years ago and have made it several times. I don’t even adjust the heat much. We like it hot! 

Ingredients for my chili

My Chili

T did a web search for a new “exotic” recipe to try. He’s printed it off, and will decide later if it is worthy adding to the recipe binder. Of course, he’ll make several adjustments to the new recipe. 

Ingredients for T's chili
T's Chili

The best part of this “contest” is cooking with T. Just being together in the kitchen brings me such happiness! We talk and laugh. We listened to music on Pandora - Pink Martini, Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Nat King Cole. The perfect background. 

We had dinner of a small(ish) bowl from both of the chili pots and fresh from the oven corn bread. Then, each was put into a crock pot to take to chuch on Sunday.

Just spending simple time together like this brings such joy. I can’t imagine a better life.

The fellowship meals are always enjoyable. This time we sat with two friends that always bring lots of laughter to share. There was quite a buffet of chili pots. The one I liked best was “Vianne’s Chili” as a tribute to one of my favorites, Chocolat. (I’ll have to get my hands on that recipe!)

Friday, January 15, 2016


You can’t use up creativity. 
The more you use, 
the more you have. 
~ Maya Angelou

Creativity takes many forms in my life. Eclectic.


I try to knit every day. Some say, “The new yoga.” The click of the needles certainly lulls me into a meditative state easily. When I’m making something for a particular someone, it feels like a constant prayer for them.


How thankful I am to have someone so appreciative to cook for! And with! Making dinners now doesn’t feel maintenance at all, as it did for so many years. The best part of cooking creatively is that unless we’re traveling, it happens every day. 


Something I desire to do more of this year. The act of painting taps into something newer in my life and somehow deeper than the things I’ve done for so many years.


Not so much at this time of year in northern Indiana. Yet dreaming of the growing season to come brings a bit of excitement to the greyest of January days.

Planning lessons for students touches a part of me creatively. How will they best learn? What do they really need to know? What fun can we have in making the learning happen for them?

Trying New Forms
There are so many creative people in this magnificent world. Being around someone creative makes me feel inspired. Able. Courageous. This afternoon I’m taking a personal art lesson from a university professor. A very creative Christmas gift from my husband! Adventure awaits!

Not something I’ve spent much time on these past few years. But it is something that always feels good . . . picking up the pen. Sharing a few thoughts with friends. Discovering what thoughts lie within myself.


Catching a particular moment in time and place. Some of the best photos have become my memory, without every looking at the physical picture, it is in my mind forever.

The idea of creativity is without limits. The idea of co-creation is joy incarnate. Creativity can so easily be left out of my day. Always wanting more. Being intentional about expressing creativity is one way to expand my life. Joyfully living my life to the fullest each day.