Thursday, July 17, 2014

Hero for Hobo

I think I deserve a medal! This morning started out routine enough. Turn on the coffee pot, feed the kitties, pull out a pan to start oatmeal for breakfast. As I put the pot on the stove and turned to get the oatmeal out of the cupboard, I glanced outside. The first thing I saw was the kitty that hunts in the meadow in the back. We've named him Hobo. He was sitting at the edge of the meadow, waiting for his breakfast to stir. He is incredibly patient in that regard. But then, I saw a flash out of the ordinary. A coyote was ambling through the mowed section of the meadow! The coyote was coming around the side of the brush pile, where Hobo was hunting on the other side! 

It all happened so quickly. I saw the coyote, minding his own business, just out for a morning saunter. Hobo hunting as per usual. As soon as the coyote rounded the brush pile, he did a double take as he saw Hobo. He then started purposely to head in Hobo's direction. Simply a few human strides away! I went to the back door. Opened the latch. Both animals looked immediately in my direction. I simply stepped onto the deck, at which point the coyote turned tail and ducked into the tall hedge surrounding the tree line closer to the river.

Setting the Scene

Hobo simply looked at me as if to ask,  "Can't you see I'm hunting here?" I don't think Hobo had the slightest idea that a coyote was a mere pounce away from him. 

Sitting in the usual hunting spot.

Hobo returned to hunting. By the time the oatmeal was ready, Hobo was munching on his breakfast. At least he wasn't coyote breakfast!