Friday, May 30, 2014

Joy Field Farms

Stay simple hearted and shine forth.

Last night we were Mystery Guests at Joy Field Farm. Whenever there is a fifth Thursday in the month, each family on the farm invites a surprise guest. What a welcome! The flower gardens are absolutely in their prime, making me feel comfortable before I met one person. 

The three families that live at Joy Field Farms are all loving, accepting people. I have met a few of them over the years, but know none of them well. I know they all care for Tim, so I was anxious to make a good impression. No need for worries! They welcomed me as if they have known me for years. 

Tables and tables of food. More tables with space for all to gather around. I didn't think I should take pictures of everyone, but their smiles, conversation, and laughter are etched in my memory. I couldn't have been happier to watch Tim with old friends; standing with one in front of the barn in deep conversation about sustainable energy, talking with another about organic gardening and composting. 

At this moment, I can think of nothing but peace and tranquility in living such a life in such a beautiful country setting.

After the dinner was over, we were given a short tour of Joy Field Farms. The flower gardens anchor the stone house. Tables set up between the house and the vegetable gardens in back, beyond the barn. The other house on the property has a windmill in the process of being renovated to pump water into storage tanks to use for garden irrigation. The barn has been fitted with two huge solar panels so the families can utilize the sun for most of the electric energy to run the farm. Another family with two grade school boys live in a yurt.  They were playing soccer in the field beyond, with a regulation soccer net set up. What a remarkable home! All the families heat their homes with wood. 

The farm has a chicken coop with about 40 hens and one rooster. They gather the eggs and actually deliver them to customers in town. These last several years I've been blessed to have access to fresh eggs. So much so that I would love to have a couple of hens of my own. Grateful others are able to raise hens so that there are always plenty of fresh eggs available to me. Such a difference they make in cooking!

There was a stand of some of the most remarkable rhubarb I've ever seen in my life! So, at this very moment a rhubarb crisp is baking in the oven. We'll take it to The Cottage tonight. Hopefully I'll be able to stop on the way there for some ice-cream. What a wonderful treat so share, warmed again and perhaps sitting on the deck at sunset.

Here is a link for the recipe I used. Changed a bit by adding chopped walnuts. And (of course) more cinnamon and nutmeg than was called for.

Cut Rhubarb
Added crisp toppings

Life simply just doesn't get much better than this!