Saturday, January 23, 2010

Toward the end of January and hearts can feel lonely beyond repair. Cold and dreary outside leads to a cabin fever feeling. Remembering past Januarys doesn't always help. Thinking about them and the jolt that often comes in January; significant changes, lost loved ones. It's enough to make the heart feel heavy and lost itself.

Yet there is so much beauty that surrounds us, if only we look for it. These pictures were taken last year -this January has been far too dull for such sun sparkles on an ice laden world. It was a magical day. I had driven north to pick up my son. The ice storm had stopped short so that I wasn't inconvenienced by it. By the time I had to go north, the main roads were clear. The world was glistening and shining. My heart was light with the feeling of a new love. As I drove by the orchard, the beauty filled my heart. I couldn't help but to stop and explore. It was as if the entire world had been made just for me. And hasn't it, after all? No one will ever experience the world as me. What a gift.

That's what I need to remember on the bleak winter morning that meets me today. There may be an adventure to greet me this afternoon. If only the eyes of my eyes will remain open to experience what lies in wait for me.

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