Thursday, October 13, 2011

October Full Moon

It goes by lots of names . . . Hunter's Moon, Harvest Moon, Blood Moon. I know that this one is a beauty. Shining bright these past couple of nights, glowing bright to light the night.

Last night I met with a couple of friends for our nearly every Wednesday gathering. The coming together of friends to talk, create, share a cup of tea and a sweet. We've done this nearly every week since May. Beth mentioned at another gathering that she wanted to start a study group to explore Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way. Three women who didn't know each other very well came together for the purpose of learning, introspection, art. The quest of life. What we found was that through our reading, our sharing, we enjoy our gatherings much more than we anticipated. It's a small group, but we've shared much. Daily life, dreams, hopes, fears, disappointments, successes. Once in awhile we miss a week because of travel, family commitments, work. But we miss each other during those off weeks and look forward to meeting again. We worked on a project last night. Beth taught us how to weave a small basket. Symbolic of the friendship we have, a safe place to hold our hearts.

One of the things we talked about last night was the full moon. The beauty of it this week. The difficulty each of us has had in getting to sleep. Can we blame the full moon for that? Seems the full moon gets blamed for that and other things . . . naughty children, extra crazy students, a stolen kiss, finding magic where we need it.

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