Monday, November 14, 2011

Joyful Things . . .

In no particular order . . .

1. Good health.

2. Extra time with Derrick, before he starts Basic Training as a Marine.

3. Being inside, warm and toasty dry, while a thunder storm rages outside. Who would guess in mid-November?

4. Finding friends in the area that make me feel I’m at home here.

5. Going to art shows two Saturdays in a row with my friends!

6. Time spent at the Lake this summer in the cottage. Lori and Dom are dear to share such a special place with me.

7. My Artist’s Way group that meets every Wednesday. I feel grounded after spending time with them.

8. Sunday meditations with Vince. Totally revives my soul and being.

9. Book study group discussions.

10. Yoga classes. I can never get enough.

11. Walking whenever I want. Another thing I never get enough of!

12. Chocolate covered almonds, brought by Demetrius. He said I deserve them!

13. Having a family that loves and accepts me.

14. The cats. Purring, playing, snuggling, asking for food. They never cease to bring a smile to my face.

15. Being the mom that Derrick and his friends enjoy sharing time and space with.

16. The trip to Arizona in October. Beauty, meeting a new friend, spending time with Lori, walking, old friends.

17. Henri the dove. Still working on the lesson(s) about that! No doubt in my mind Henri picked me of all people he saw when he was lost to live with. He has such a gentle coo to welcome me.

18. Mixed media.

19. My art instructor.

20. The women in the art group.

21. Engaged students.

22. A load of firewood to prepare for winter. 

23. Free coupon to watch Puss ‘N Boots. Plans for the weekend!

24. Students that say good morning to me before I have a chance to greet them. They’re learning!

25. Looking forward to seeing the entire family at Thanksgiving next week. Not to mention all the good food!

26. Recognizing myself as an artist.

27. Understanding that even if I'm not in a relationship, I know I don't want to be in the wrong one. Maybe, just maybe, there is the right relationship waiting for me somewhere.

28. Pulling a pair of stockings from the drawer that doesn’t have a hole in the toe.

29. Finding friends through the world of blogging. Even having a chance to meet one of them in person! (More about this to come soon.)

30. Fixing a wonderful meal and sharing it with friends.

31. Kayaking at the Lake.

32. Hanging out at the sand bar with friends with the waves making me feel a bit bouncy in the water.

33. Finding a book to read that I simply can’t put down.

34. Having someone open a jar of olives for me.

35. Realizing having a clean house makes it easier to keep the house clean. Also helps when Derrick goes away for the weekend!

36. Shelves and containers to keep my art supplies organized.

37. Having an espresso maker at home to enjoy a morning cup.

38. Knowing that nothing calms me quite like a cup of chai.

39. Chocolate. The darker the better.

40. Having faith to take the leap into the unknown. So much better than the push from behind.

41. Laughing with a friend.

42. Believing in love come true by watching Eric and Susan. Anything is possible.

43. Even if I would like someone to share my bed with, I know it’s special to have a room of my own.

44. Realizing one day, not that long ago, that most of the art I have hanging in my home is my art. What a surprise!

45. Getting my hair done and actually thinking I look good.

46. A new eye pencil.

47. Enjoying a dinner out with Derrick and the resulting conversation. What a joy to have raised such a fine young man.

48. Meaningful conversations.

49. Taking the time to write in the mornings.

50. The surprise of sunshine when I’m not expecting it.

51. Going to bed early enough to feel rested and able to dream good dreams.

52. Getting the laundry done and all put away.

53. Just when I was feeling down last week I was told by someone special that “You are loved. You bring us all such joy.” How could I feel anything but joyous after hearing that!

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  1. I love love this list and so many of them would be on my list as well. I have never kayaked and have a little fear of water so I don't know if that one will go on my list but I like the idea of it. Wonder if there is a pool big enough for kayaking :)
    I mentioned meeting you on my blog today. That would be on my list as well.