Thursday, April 3, 2014

Spring Rain

The quieter you become, the more you can hear. 
~ Yasutani Roshi

Today is the first day of Spring rain. The rain washes down the deck, just swept yesterday from the remnants of Winter. 

I absolutely had to sit outside yesterday. It was the first time that it was warm enough to be outside without a jacket. Lunch, tea with a friend, and some pages read. Not to mention the sweeping, cleaning of tables, poking around in the gardens to see what is waiting to reveal itself to us. So glad I took that opportunity to enjoy the air and sunshine!

The beginning of the Spring rains marks three months in our home. Three months of our married life. The beginning of a new season together. So even though many people don't like the rain . . . this rain is symbolic in the newness of all that lies before us still. The end of the long Winter, coldest on record, and with the most snowfall anyone can remember. 

Just a few moments ago a streak of lightening bolted across the sky. Then the resulting long, low rumble of thunder, actually felt in the floor of the house. Tommy, always afraid of loud noises, ran to hide under the bed. Bitty stayed with me, wondering what his fuss was all about. He has now safely retreated to the fluffy bed that he hasn't even used since we moved into the house.

The wind takes the chimes, making beautiful music in combination with the falling rain. The peaceful melody of our home. 

At 10:00 each morning (or as close to it as I can remember) I've taken a picture out into the meadow of our backyard. I should have thought to start this earlier in the year. But the progression of March has shown the changes that happen, ever so gradually, in the coming of Spring. Sometimes there has been snow. Sometimes the river is much closer than normal. The green starts to reveal itself. 

March 12

March 15

March 23

March 28

March 30

Each day shows its wonder.

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