Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Fierce winds do not blow all morning;
A downpour of rain does not last the day.
~ Tao Te Ching, 23rd Verse

The kitties have the right idea on a rainy Wednesday. Sleep. 

What else is there to do when the meadow is quiet due to the flood? 

In the storm of the night I went out to check on Hobo in the lightening and thunder, most displeased with the conditions. He was trying to make himself comfortable by curling up on top of a towel I’d placed on the trunk. He still refuses to go into the little house, defiled as it is by racoons sniffing it. As I stepped outside, I heard the pathetic mewing of a fawn, calling to his mother in the storm.This morning I saw a deer swimming across the flooded meadow. I wonder if the fawn was rescued by his mother in the night. 

I am moving in slow gear myself today. I could take a nap except for all the tasks that call to be done.

Nature and life teach us that nothing lasts forever. Be patient and the storm will pass. The waters will recede. 

The sun will shine again soon. 

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