Friday, July 24, 2015

Pizzelles and Almond Crescents

Soon I will leave for a trip where I get to visit Derrick! How exciting! The last time I saw him was at Christmas when he was able to make it home for the holiday.

One of the last times we spoke on the phone, I asked him if there was any treat from home he’d like me to bring. Of course, the first thing he said he wanted was for me to bring the kitties!

It didn’t take him long to request two of his favorite treats. (After he knew it was hopeless for him to beg for the kitties.) This is what he picked: almond crescents and pizzelles.

I wasn’t surprised about the almond crescents. He always asks for those! As do my nieces and nephews. If there is a family gathering, I’m expected to make them. No question about it. 

But the pizzelles? He had to dredge that up from some old memory. I haven’t made them very many times. In fact, the last time I really remember making them was when he was in 3rd or 4th grade. Of course, there were plenty of times that my mom made them when the family would gather. Often, when we went to visit her, there would be a container sent home, especially for Derrick because she knew how much he liked them. 

Pizzelles were a mainstay in my life growing up, an Italian anise flavored cookie backed in a iron. They were made by Mom’s best friend, an Italian. So they would show up for their family festivities. Often we were included, so we were able to share in all the Italian food delights. It didn’t take long for Margaret to recruit Mom into helping make the pizzelles, along with other things. The recipe they used called for a dozen eggs! I only used three in the batch I made today.

I’m happy to continue in the tradition of making pizzelles. In fact, Mom and Lori, my sister, made the large amount for a wedding rehersal dinner Lori is hosting tomorrow night. 

These cookies will be shared from here in Indiana to North Carolina and also in Scottsdale. That is quite the cookie! y!

I hope they make Derrick happy!

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