Sunday, November 21, 2010

52 Wonderful Things on a November Afternoon

1. Sharing the love of my life, my son, these years.

2. Two silly and/or purring cats to keep me in constant company.

3. Sparkling, sunny sky on a November day.

4. The love and support of my family.

5. The sound of two 11 year olds from Taiwan playing and laughing in the house.

6. An inspiring message this morning. Feeds my soul in such a great way.

7. My good health.

8. Being a student of yoga.

9. Looking forward to the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday. Family gathers and favorite foods!

10. The smell of a pumpkin cake baking away.

11. Work I enjoy.

12. Friends that call me in the morning.

13. Friends that call me at night.

14. The music of Luka Bloom.

15. The choice of different music to fit my mood.

16. The laughter of teenagers gathering for fun and pizza.

17. Reading a good book in bed at night.

18. A cup of chai.

19. A clean house.

20. Colleagues that work together in the best possible way.

21. The feeling of getting out of the shower in the morning, ready to start the day.

22. Creativity!

23. Making a gift for someone.

24. Friends scattered around the world.

25. Stars glowing in the deep night.

26. Sunrise at the lake.

27. Walking in the woods.

28. Looking for seasonal changes in Indiana.

29. Pumpkins lined up on the brick wall.

30. Clementines.

31. Finding friends in my area. Coffee date set for Sunday afternoon!

32. Looking forward to taking another mixed media class.

33. Planning for Christmas. All of a sudden I have gift ideas for everyone!

34. A brand spanking new espresso machine. Can’t wait for morning.

35. Getting my lessons done.

36. The boys from Taiwan asking me for titles of songs I listen to. I’ll make them a CD to take home. Country!

37. Derrick finishing his homework project.

38. Messages from friends.

39. Catching a glimpse in the mirror and being pleasantly surprised.

40. Taking time to write in my journal.

41. Clean sheets to crawl into.

42. The admiration of a younger man.

43. The magic of cell phones, being connected in a moment.

44. Not to mention the magic of the internet.

45. Naked trees, especially the birch.

46. Long walks.

47. Meeting new friends.

48. Beginning the holiday baking. First batch of gingerbread cookies to share!

49. Watching a favorite movie without interruption.

50. A new razor. Makes my legs feel marvelous.

51. Meditation

52. Healing joy.


  1. You know, that was a beautiful and inspiring list. I felt good just reading it - thanks. Most of those things would be on my list as well. The new razor made me chuckle.

  2. Hi Linda, Jeanette again - just wanted to say I sent some of the Javelina photos to your email, please feel free to use whatever you like and thanks for asking. Happy Thanksgiving.

  3. Such a beautiful list and I would have to include many of them on my list too.

    Thank you for your encouragement and creating with me. You are a JOY!