Sunday, October 31, 2010

Three Boys at Home

All of a sudden I am a mother of three! Such energy the two boys from Taiwan have brought to our household! Derrick and I have such a rhythm to our days. This is a nice distraction and break from our routine. It reminds me of when Derrick was that young and playing with friends at home.

Listening to the boys play and talk is pure delight. I don't understand one word of Chinese, but listening to them is fun. They've been polite and are definitely members of the clean plate club. They've eaten everything I've put in front of them. They've asked questions about some things, but haven't turned up their noses at anything, like so many American children are apt to do.

The entire group gathers together every Saturday morning for an event. Yesterday we went to Conner Prairie, an historical view of Central Indiana. We'd hoped to go on a hot air balloon ride, but weren't able to do so due to the high winds. After lunch we went with a smaller group to a pumpkin patch. Traditional hayrides, wandering through a couple of corn mazes, painting small pumpkins, playing outside til we're all exhausted. Lots of fresh air! We made pizza for dinner. They both thought they were the best pizza chefs.

I was afraid that they would be homesick. But having a friend with them helps. Glad I decided to take two. Thee is always someone that understands them! I think it has helped that Derrick has a friend from Taiwan. He came over the first night to welcome them to America. Also hung out with us at the pumpkin patch in the afternoon. D thinks it's great that the Asians outnumbered the whites for once! The boys have a computer with them, provided by their school. The fact that they can skype with their family back in Taiwan almost every day helps with the homesickness, too. It isn't like summer camp, after all!

I've tried to warn them about taking things to school . . . wonder how long it will take before someone steals something from them. I was horrified to hear from J's teacher this week that his phone went off in the middle of class! Not only that he got a text message in the classroom, but mostly because he had his phone at school. In his back pack, not a pocket. I've had Mr. P talk to them about it. We'll see!

The entire school has wrapped their arms in welcome to our 12 students. I had an obligation on Friday night so my boys spent time with 4 other teachers. Another teacher joined us at the pumpkin patch yesterday afternoon. Another teacher has invited us to trick or treat with her family tonight. Not only do they welcome the students, but I feel closer to some of my colleagues because of this experience. A good way for our school to bond together.


  1. HI Linda
    What a wonderful experience for the boys and your family!! Nothing better than new cultures to expand the mind and expand tolerance.. something we all need I think...

    I just love that image of the three boys with their arms around each other.. really sweet... Hope they have a fabulous time whilst there.. and a safe trip home!!

    Thanks for popping over my way.. just a bit of madness I cooked up.. the story was just made up to go with the pics I made. hahahaha

    Have a fab week.. ciao xxx Julie

  2. Good morning, Linda!
    I read about your Taiwanese exchange students, how exciting! They seem to be so very young, how couragious of them to travel so far from home! Their parents must be very pleased knowing that they are in such good hands.
    I imagine that they hang on to their phones, etc., because it is a direct life line back home. Our youngest recently left her handbag for a moment alone and it was gone before she even realized it, iPhone, camera, keys, all together more than a thousand Euros lost. That was a very hard lesson for her.
    Good luck with your guests,

  3. Linda,
    I am a citizen here and I come from Taiwan, thanks for your hospitality to my country people. I bet they are enjoy your food and have a good time. I like your conclusion about the "bond together" with your colleagues, that's a wonderful experience. I really think your school did a good job. Good night!
    Rebecca in Carmel IN

  4. I'm new here and this first post is so fun. Those sweet faces show they are having the time of their lives - thank you for being such a great ambassador for us all. Obviously this is something they will remember all their lives. Must be wonderful to be a part of that.

  5. Thanks for stopping by the other day. Been a bit behind on blogging these days but happy I stopped by. This story of these boys is wonderful and hope to follow more of their story and yours.