Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Gratitude of June

I wonder what it would be like to live in a world where it was always June. - L. M. Montgomery

Seems like these lovely days of June have simply slipped away. So many things to be grateful for, these days.

  • Finding a new fabric store.
  • Sipping a chai while chatting away with a special friend.
  • The gallery walk in Zionsville.
  • Sitting outside at the pub with friends on a week night, laughing over a drink or two.
  • A going away party that turned into a not going away celebration.
  • The gift of flowers from a friend's garden.
  • Two graduation parties for Derrick.
  • Dinner at a friend's house for a girls night.
  • Simply having friends to do things with this summer.
  • Having time to get the house clean and keep it that way.
  • Starting to work on creative projects.
  • Staying at the Lake Cottage for the first night.

    Going to yoga classes.
  • Talking walks.
  • Writing in the mornings.
  • Loosing a few pounds.
  • A lovely date night, even if it didn't lead to anything with him. It is one more step on the journey.
  • Going to the fireworks and enjoying a friend's three year old delight at pointing out every color to me.
  • Listening to bird song.
  • Baking bread for friends.
  • Not feeling lonely for the first time during the summer as a teacher when school is out.
  • Seeing dew drops on the tip of every blade of grass on the morning lawn.
  • Making art in the mixed media group.

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  1. That is a wonderful list! It is making me think of all the things I am grateful for this summer, so many. This morning I was watching a baby bunny out my window and I felt so peaceful and it made me stop and take a moment to pray for all the people who aren't as lucky.

    jeanette from everton terrace