Friday, June 3, 2011

Last Day of High School

I don't know how this has happened! My little boy has grown into a fine young man. His very last day of school. Which isn't really even school because they've taken a bus to the stadium downtown to practice for graduation tomorrow. Derrick told me last night as he was going to bed, "This is the last time I'll ever set my alarm for school."

Memories come floating by; holding him as an infant, playing as he grows, his ever present smile those first few years, his imagination, his energy. His presence in my life has actually defined my life in so many ways. Such a gift he has been to me all these years.

Loves the cottage cheese!

Tea time in his "Indiana Jones" Hat

Snuggling with Horton at bedtime

Now his official growing up days are over. He will always be a part of me, even if he isn't with me every day from this point forward.

I'm proud of the person he has become. Amazed to think that he is who he is. His goals, while not what I would have chosen for him, are honorable. He has shown great discernment in his decision making process. That is part of who he is and I can trust he will always follow a similar process, making the best decisions for him.

Today is a flurry for me, bake favorite cookies, prepare food for the party tomorrow, clean up the mess that always happens in the house at the end of a school year, try to make pretty by hanging pictures, fluffing pillows, place flowers about. I want his day tomorrow to be filled with the memory of family and friends surrounding him, knowing that support will be there for him the rest of his days.

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