Monday, August 4, 2014

Baby Shower at the Lake

There is a new baby coming to the friends at Adams Lake! "Baby Girl" is our name for her. Her parents have sworn secrecy on her name. Only a couple of hints: it is the name of a saint and it can be shortened. The say no one has even guessed the name yet! 

In true lake friends style, we had a shower for Kim right on the water. We tied two pontoons together, keeping one for food and the other for our gathering. We gathered for a Sunday morning brunch, before the day would get too hot. The men decided to go to the pub for brunch while the ladies enjoyed finger foods and chit chat about babies. Can't think of a better way to start a day! 

Most of us have grown children, so it is exciting to have one of the group with a new born on the way. She'll have lots of "aunties" to help hold and watch her grow. Some of us have grandchildren, some of us aren't even close to that yet. We all know how wonderfully precious a new born is. How fleeting time is with growing children. 

Ready and Waiting Aunties
I knit a little sweater for Baby Girl to wear this first winter season of her life. We all chipped in for baby gear they can keep at the Lake for her so they won't have to transport as much stuff when they come for a weekend. Water fun in the next summer season with floaties, small life jackets, water shoes. That is one of the best gifts babies give us, looking forward to joys yet to be lived. 

Years ago I knew T only as a colleague on campus. Once in awhile someone (a work mate, an alumni) would come into the office with an infant. There is no way T can ever resist holding a baby. He would hold the baby, snuggled close, and always remark, "Fresh from God!" In all the in between years, I would often think of that when I'd meet a new baby. When Baby Girl arrives, we'll be able to hold her together and say it together. Another gift from Baby Girl!

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