Thursday, August 21, 2014

What a Difference a Year Makes

"Love is the moment every other moment stops for."

Last year about this time, T was making his first visit to me in Fishers. I was thrilled, excited, barely nervous. That in itself was a huge signal to me that it was so completely right. Amazing. He had planned the trip after we spent four hours talking on the phone on a Friday night. Our first conversation in about ten years. Our first personal conversation ever. The next morning I had an email with his proposed "crazy idea" for a trip. The morning of the visit I was up early, getting everything ready in my home. A sacred space not many had visited. My sacred space alone, after Derrick was grown up and away. I was dumbfounded when he phoned to find out that not only had his flight arrived early, he had already gotten the rental car and was just moments away from me. (Who ever gets in that early?!) 

We spent the day together after sharing our hearts and souls via email for several weeks. We knew each other after working together many years ago. That was the basis of our friendship. After delving deeper through our email exchanges, we knew each other even better. Spending a day together in person was absolutely glorious. So right. So longed for. 

A rather simple day, really. We had lunch at one of my favorite restaurants. Even our food and drink choices were similar. Right down to ordering Guinness on tap! We took the train to see the Indiana State Fair. Spent the time there wandering through the animal barns, art exhibits, and watching the Blood Sweat and Tears concert. Simply being together. That was best for both of us. 

Wedding Announcement

Fast forward through the year. Continuing our long distance relationship, introducing the idea of that to our respective families. Making our way through his return to northern Indiana. Announcing our relationship to long time friends, much to their surprise. Deciding we would marry when our children were home for Christmas. My departure from teaching. Moving in to our new homes during the worst winter anyone remembers. Combining friendships in our communities; town, lake, faith. Through a few bumps in the road as we've navigated some family issues. 

As we celebrated the anniversary of our first official date this past week, it is nothing short of miraculous to see how far we've come. How strong we are together through some of the challenges we've faced. Together. No one but us knew the date of the anniversary. It was a special day also. We stood in front of the church congregation and jointly asked to be welcomed officially into that spiritual community. Baptized in the water of a lake special to both of us, even if for different reasons. Watching the swans float by as we listened to the sermon. Sharing a picnic lunch with friends.

The day is a secret anniversary of our joint heart. What a wonder to consider what lies in wait for upcoming years.
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