Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Sure Signs of Spring

"That enchantment that I lightly took 
out of the lovely April is forever."
~ Leonie Adams
  • A rainy, misty morning on the meadow, turning greener nearly by the minute.

  • The buckeye tree is getting ready to bloom. I swear it wasn’t anywhere near this yesterday!

  • A frog in the fishpond.

  • The ice is off the lake. Loons are making their early spring visit.
  • Luke came in excitedly to school one morning last week. He could barely get out, “You remember that plant we looked at that wasn’t grass but was green? It has a yellow flower on it!”

  • The squirrels are running all over the meadow, up and down trees in the yard, and barking at me as I walk around looking at the spring morning.
  • Friends long to walk again together in the fresh air.

  • Children are playing in their yard.
  • The Canada Geese are surveying the meadow for their nesting space.
  • The Shibankins have awoken in the fish pond, coming to the surface to feed. They have grown! Is it my imagination, or do they seem to recognize me?

  • There is no school this week as the children are on spring break. 
  • The April Blood Moon was full and bright, reflecting off the water on the lake for Easter.
  • Maundy Thursday.
  • Good Friday.
  • Easter morning!
  • Celebrating Easter by having dinner at the home of friends.
  • Opening day for the Royals. (They won.)
  • A robin repeatedly tapping on the bedroom window this morning. Why? The kitties are tormented.

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