Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love Is All

"Whatever the question, Love is the answer." 
~ Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Valentine’s Day and Love is in the air. Up early this morning while it is dark and the house is quiet, I make a pan of cinnamon rolls for T. With LOTS of cinnamon - just the way he likes them. Perfect accompaniment for coffee, strong and pure.

Mid-afternoon on a Sunday afternoon, T is now making a special treat for dinner, his rendition of Braciolone. Because we are mostly vegetarians, this is a rarety without company in the house. Little Bitty certainly questions our decision about being vegetarians. She begs . . . and begs . . . and begs for little tastes as T is preparing the

As we enjoy simply being together today, a day set aside for Love, we listen to Motown music, talk and laugh, simply celetrate being together. We are both so grateful to be able to share our love after so many of years of dreaming of finding this kind of love in this lifetime. Such pure joy.


  1. Love this post and happy to find you through Instagram!

  2. Wonderful post, and the photos are lovely. Beautiful cat.