Sunday, October 3, 2010

Late Night Visitor

Last night a baby opossum showed up on the patio. Checking the doors before bedtime, I wasn't particularly surprised to see him. Opossums are frequently seen at night. But such a little one! It looked so vulnerable, so precious, as most young animals do. It sat on  my chair, washing his face. When it looked up and saw me there was no alarm on his face, pure trust. I was able to see his claws, his still young soft fur, his whiskers.

Mind you, I've never considered opossums to be cute, cuddly creatures. This one was different. I wanted to share it with someone. Tommy, my big tabby, finally looked to see what I was looking at. Then Bitty, watching us both, came to see what Tommy was looking at. The cutie had by now crawled off the chair and made his way to investigate the plastic that D had left on the floor, after unwrapping some firewood. He crawled inside the plastic and I was actually concerned he might be suffocated by it! It made a rustling as he moved in it and he slowly turned around to hiss at the invisible perpetrator. Kitties watching in amazement, Bitty's tail twitching. He didn't seem the least little bit concerned by any of us. Is it possible he understood the window between us kept him safe from us? He made eye contact, so I'm certain he knew we were there.

Now, do I try to see him grow?

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