Sunday, October 10, 2010


Not too long ago I went out for lunch on a lovely Sunday afternoon. It was a hot day, one of many this summer. But I had the feeling as though it might be one of the last times I might be able to go to the local pub and sit outside for lunch. I wanted to enjoy the day. I was seated by the hostess and waited for the server to come. Soon she was there and greeted me with, “You’re all by yourself?!”

Wow. What a bummer. Nothing like making someone feel like a real for sure looser. I’m sure that wasn’t her intention, and perhaps I was feeling a bit vulnerable. No, come to think of it, I wasn’t. I’d gone to a beautiful meditation in the morning and was feeling surrounded by love. Just because a person is alone doesn’t mean they are unloved. I remember thinking, I have lots of friends, they just don’t happen to live here in Indianapolis! But, of course, I didn’t need to justify myself to her. Even during the lunch, I chatted with the couple at the next table. Brings to mind the book I’m reading for school right now, The Power of Words. We never really know how someone else will take what we say, however innocent the words may be.

Today I am thankful for the friends I have. Even though they may not be located physically near me, they are out there. These are the friends that are soul friends. It doesn’t matter how long it has been since we were last together. It could be years. But when we see or talk on the phone, even chat on line, it is as though we are together again, sitting at a kitchen table, chatting together over a cup of tea of coffee. (Or maybe at a pub to share a glass of wine!) We pick up on the strand of Life that connects us and brings us together immediately. I’m grateful I have so many of these friends.

These are the friends that provide my life with light and love.
Lori, sister first, friend forever

Kay, a new lake friend. Warm and intelligent.

Karen, ready for a day of hiking.

Barb L. College roommate, life long friend.

Rachel, providing music. Far now in miles, but not in heart.

Tina. Pure light.

Surrounded by Carolyn and Lori. What could be better?

Laura. A friend found in Texas. Interwoven stories.

Alicia and her new love. Blessed to watch her grow.

Can't have too much of Kay and Lori!

Beate. Beautiful B.

Only too bad that none of them were present to show the waitress that I truly am not by myself!


  1. A lovely tribute to your friends....xv

  2. Thank you, Vicki. They are a wonderful crew.